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Calvin Peter Baker was born in George, South Africa. After immigrating to New Zealand in 1996, his love for music and singing developed. Calvin completed his Bachelor of Music in Classical Performance- Voice, and has a First Class Honours degree in the specialisation of Studio Pedagogy, both gained at the University of Auckland. A tenor, Calvin studied singing under the tutelage of Dr. Morag Atchison and Dr. Te Oti Rakena, and has performed in choral, ensemble, and soloist contexts. Having discovered early in his vocal training a passion for vocal science and singing technique, Calvin carried out independent research considering the effect of laryngeal morphometry on vocal acoustic parameters and, in 2015, music education topics that explored the impact of online learning and technology in the teaching of voice, and gesture as a pedagogical tool (presented at the 24th NEWZATS Conference, 2016).


Calvin is experienced in teaching a variety of repertoire, from Baroque to Contemporary vocal works, and enjoys teaching students of a wide range of ages, and cultural and educational backgrounds. He teaches at High Schools, as well as in his private studio, in Auckland. Sensitive to students' individual needs, he works to cater to their own learning style whilst providing them with a solid technical foundation from which the voice can grow healthily.


Calvin is a member of the NEWZATS council.


To view some of Calvin's research, visit his Researchgate profile here...